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Ξένη Βιβλιογραφία

  1. His Life Was The Message του Gaudi
  2. The Prisoner Of Zenda
  3. Me, Myself Andy
  4. Treasure Island του Rill Stevenson
  5. Tales From Arab History
  6. Round The World In Eighty Days του Jules Verne
  7. Peter Pau του J. M. Barrie
  8. Come And Get Me
  9. The Black Cat του John Milne
  10. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer του Mark Twain
  11. The Count Of Monte Cristo του Alexander Dumas
  12. Frankenstein της Mary Shelley
  13. Little Woman της Louisa M. Akott
  14. Great Expectations του Charles Dickens
  15. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame του Victor Hugo
  16. The Black Tulip του Alexander Dumas (2 φορές)
  17. How A Record Is Made των Pamela End Bryan-Goodman Stephens
  18. Gulliver’s Travels του Jonathan Swift
  19. Strange Stories του Philip Robinson
  20. The Mayor Of Casterbridge του Thomas Hardly
  21. Three Shakespeare Tragedies του E.F. Dodd
  22. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind του Steven Spielberg
  23. The Goalkeepers Revenge του Bill Naughton
  24. For Your Eyes Only του Ian Fleming
  25. The Verger And Other Stories του Somerset Maugham
  26. The Escape And Other Stories του Somerset  Maugham
  27. Six Tales From Shakespeare του E. F. Dodd
  28. The Great Gatsby του F. Scott Fitzgerald
  29. Emil And The Detectives της Erich Kastler
  30. Frankenstein της Mary Shelley
  31. Death Of A Soldier του Phillip Prawse
  32. Lambs Tales From Shakespeare
  33. The Moth And Other Stories
  34. The Space Invaders του Geoffrey Matthews (2 φορές)
  35. Tales From Hans Andersen
  36. British And American Short Stories
  37. The Three Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes του Conan Poule
  38. From Russia With Love του Ian Fleming
  39. Star For A Day του Phillip Prowse
  40. Moby Dick του Herman Melville
  41. Silkas Marner του George Eliot
  42. Hijack And Other Short Stories
  43. The Beginning Of Radio του Rosemary Border
  44. Dracula του Bram Stocker
  45. Charlotte Bronte του Jane Eures
  46. More Adventures Of Robin Hood
  47. Stories From Mary Lands
  48. Dangerous Journey του Alwyan Cox
  49. Oliver Twist του Charles Dickens
  50. You Only Live Twice του Ian Fleming
  51. Wuthering Heights της Emily Bronte
  52. A Christmas Carol του Charles Dickens
  53. Animal Farm του George Orwell
  54. The Prisoner Of Zedda του Anthony Hope
  55. The World In Winter του John Christopher
  56. Don Quixote And Saucho Panza